How we work?


First, we collect all publicated informations, prepare basic TK25 topographic map, GPS locator and hit the road.

We put ourselves in the role of the uninformed visitor and use the existing tourist signalisation to verify its effectiveness. We simulate all possible directions of the tour, either by car, 4x4, hiking, bike, boat, ferry, train, bus…even small aeroplanes and hot-air baloons.

On our trip we document all characteristic landmarks and noticeable details by photographing and locating them into the GPS tracking files.

At every location we evaluate approachability, the signs adequacy, landscape and views, parking, food and accommodation services, toilets and shopping, souvenirs and access to Wi-Fi.


When return to the office, the team produces a detailed and authentic tourist map model and prepare photographs, text and graphic design for diverse products: printed maps, info-panels on locations, web and mobile applications…

New itineraries for touring are described, tourist paths traced, markations on-the- field and necessary procedures in spatial planning are devised.

A marketing plan and a cost estimate are prepared for presentation to the investors and local tourist authorities.

The usual duration of the full-size project is 7 weeks - two weeks for data collection, 2-7 days for field work, one week for the setting the concept, three weeks for a scale model of the map, design and new itineraries...

A total of five experts are involved: editor, cartographer, photographer, copywriter and media designer in approximate 250 working hours.


Designing and drawing of new map is diverse by volume of terrain in square meters and content of details and can last from few days work to over a year time.